In the search of coffee

I’m one of those people who leaves the house ( or in my case flat) everyday, rain or shine! I just get the need to go outside, even for very little trips. The cabin fever definitely sets in!

When I was younger this definitely led to me eating more sweets and treats then I needed as I would go for a walk to the local shop and just pick something up! Over the years and lots of trial and error I now have more freedom to travel and explore new areas and I’ve developed a keen interest in photography.

Another thing I have developed, which I owe mainly to my time at university is my love for coffee! I’ve always found it difficult to do work at home as I get so easily distracted! My university also had a very limited amount of computers however I was lucky to discover that cardiff has many independent coffee shops where I ended up writing the majority of my dissertation.

Sadly I have been unwell this week and unable to leave my flat for almost a week! Now that I have finally recovered, the cabin fever is real and setting in! So I am in search of coffee down at my nearest coffee shop ( which happens to be a costa) which is in walking distance. I always find a short walk perks me up and helps me think a little bit more clearly!

Now I’m settling in the North of England I am looking forward to finding more independent coffee shops and new places to explore. If anybody has any suggestions please leave me a comment below!

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