What I’ve learned from furnishing my flat

I wasn’t exactly planning on getting an unfurnished flat, but after moving up North for a job I quickly discovered that whilst incredible useful for a quick move living in hospital accommodation was not for me!

I managed to stay in hospital accommodation for a month before I bit the bullet and organised some flat viewings. I quickly learned that a lot of flats are not furnished especially if you do not live somewhere with a nearby university. I’ve also recently learnt that I was incredibly lucky to get a flat that came with a fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher and washing machine! I also learnt that flats go super fast!

What I learnt from furnishing the flat… 

  • My bed, sofa and coffee table came from British Heart Foundation Furniture Charity Shop and I brought them three days before I moved into my flat. Prior to this I’d never been into a charity furniture shop, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have new furniture as well as donated items and my bed and coffee table were brand new.
  • I’m not exactly sure how I was expecting all my furniture to be put together but I was genuinely surprised with how much flat pact furniture I ended up having to build. Also how much cardboard recycling I would end up with.
  • Invest in a hammer and some good screwdrivers
  • Some of my cheaper flat pack items where very difficult to get all the screws in place properly and I did end up with several blisters to my hands
  • Cardboard boxes containing flat pack beds are massive!
  • Companies that will offer to remove said recycling will cost an arm and a leg! Yet the recycling centre will take everything for free ( will take you multiple trips because you have a tiny car).
  • Next Furniture sales are your friend and where one of my lounge seats, massive rug ( that hides a stain on the floor that I inherited with the flat) and to stand are from
  • Tesco/ Asda sales on home decor are great for fake flowers, and general little bits and bobs that make my flat feel like home as well as a few pictures on the walls
  • I have spent way to much money on cushions and I still want more
  • I thought that as I have an Amazon prime account I would be able to choose when the furniture arrived, I was wrong! You get no choice and they will deliver everything at different times and to different neighbours in your flat. They also won’t necessarily tell you that they’ve delivered your furniture to a mystery person in your flat. On the plus side it is a good way of getting some unique furniture at a cheaper cost.
  • Ikea will naturally run out of the furniture you want so you’ll end up finding alternatives from the pictures on all the aisle
  • After spending £200+ on a table that six can sit at (for when I have the family round) everyone will either sit at the breakfast bar on Ikea high stool chairs or on the sofa
  • You don’t need to buy everything at once
  • I’m still no good at growing plants

Sometimes I still feel a bit shocked at the realisation that I will never again be able to pack up my car and move in one trip! Yet I feel that I’m slightly closer to being able to have my own house! One day I might even finish fully unpacking!

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