Appreciating the norm

So to be honest with you this week hasn’t been particularly exciting but I think sometimes it’s important to appreciate the norm.

Work has been fairly steady paced this week and we have new staff! Towards the end of the week I received a letter with my appointment date to see the adult ADHD specialist which was unexpected as I was told it was likely to be June before I would get an appointment, but I won’t complain!

I’ve been using my rowing machine a bit more and I’ve been binge watching one born every minute!

My sister came over Friday night and we went to the local Mexican tapas place and shared some food and sangria! She stayed the night and left early the next day to drive all the way down to Bristol.

This weekend I’ve pretty much been tidying and decorating which mainly means I’ve been to ikea and I’ve put my laundry on!

What has everyone else been up to?

Jessica x


Spring has sprung

So this week has been a tad stressful! I’ve been back at work and as I was ill and not able to work the week before I had TONs to catch up on! Thankfully I pretty much feel semi-on top of things by Friday so fingers crossed next week will be a tad less stressful 🤞.

Outside of work I’ve pretty much just been taking some time to rest! I’ve only been to crossfit once, but that’s better than nothing. I’ve brought a new book, the tattooist of auschwitz, and today I’m going to a housewarming barbecue, let me know if anyone would like a blog about vegetarian options ( we also enjoy a good BBQ!)

About a month ago I started on antidepressants for anxiety and this week I’ve had my dose increased, so still getting used to these as they take a little while to start kicking in.

Currently I’m sat in a Starbucks cafe and I’m enjoying a iced coffee in the sun ☀️. What has everyone else been up to this week?


In the search of coffee

I’m one of those people who leaves the house ( or in my case flat) everyday, rain or shine! I just get the need to go outside, even for very little trips. The cabin fever definitely sets in!

When I was younger this definitely led to me eating more sweets and treats then I needed as I would go for a walk to the local shop and just pick something up! Over the years and lots of trial and error I now have more freedom to travel and explore new areas and I’ve developed a keen interest in photography.

Another thing I have developed, which I owe mainly to my time at university is my love for coffee! I’ve always found it difficult to do work at home as I get so easily distracted! My university also had a very limited amount of computers however I was lucky to discover that cardiff has many independent coffee shops where I ended up writing the majority of my dissertation.

Sadly I have been unwell this week and unable to leave my flat for almost a week! Now that I have finally recovered, the cabin fever is real and setting in! So I am in search of coffee down at my nearest coffee shop ( which happens to be a costa) which is in walking distance. I always find a short walk perks me up and helps me think a little bit more clearly!

Now I’m settling in the North of England I am looking forward to finding more independent coffee shops and new places to explore. If anybody has any suggestions please leave me a comment below!