An average cook tries… part 1

First up… Strawberry-basil ice cubes and vegetarian jelly.

An average cook tries…

Whilst I have a good sound knowledge of nutrition I would definitely describe my cooking skills as average, some things turn out well and some not so well! Hopefully this will be a bit of fun and a chance to be creative.

This was inspired by YouTuber Lucy Wood’s series Average girl tries, where Lucy tries a range of different makeup brands ( and worth a watch if you enjoy makeup)

Strawberry-basil ice cubes and jelly…

My all time favourite herb is basil! Love the taste and the smell! Sadly I am not good at growing basil but I will try again soon!! Over the last year or so I’ve been introduced to basil containing cocktails and mock-tails which are my favourite!

Today I went to Tesco for the weekly shop and found a few packs of basil on sale and set myself a challenge to use them! I found a recipe for basil and strawberry ice cubes (perfect for spring!) and adapted these slightly.

Inspirational recipes

I adapted the basil syrup by using stevia instead of sugar. After making the ice cubes I used three packets (possibly too many) of vege-gel ( a gelatine alternative ) to make a vegetarian jelly. I didn’t want to add more fluid so I heated up the basil and strawberry mixture.


  1. Large pundit of strawberries
  2. 2 packets of basil
  3. 6 stevia tablets
  4. 3 packets vege-gel
  5. 2 cups water


Basil syrup

  1. Add two packets of basil to two cups of boiling water in a pan
  2. Add stevia to taste ( I added 6 tablets) or sugar/ sugar alternative
  3. Heat mixture on medium whilst stevia dissolves
  4. Turn off heat and allow to steep for at least 15 minutes
  5. Strain syrup

Strawberry and basil mixture

  1. Blend strawberries until smooth
  2. Strain to remove seeds
  3. Add in basil syrup and stir


  1. Dissolve one pack of vege-gel to 200ml water, this will set 1 pint of fluid.
  2. Heat mixture to boiling and stir frequently
  3. Add to mounds and allow to set



If anyone has any ideas for recipes to try (vegetarian please) then please feel free to leave me a comment 🙂


In the search of coffee

I’m one of those people who leaves the house ( or in my case flat) everyday, rain or shine! I just get the need to go outside, even for very little trips. The cabin fever definitely sets in!

When I was younger this definitely led to me eating more sweets and treats then I needed as I would go for a walk to the local shop and just pick something up! Over the years and lots of trial and error I now have more freedom to travel and explore new areas and I’ve developed a keen interest in photography.

Another thing I have developed, which I owe mainly to my time at university is my love for coffee! I’ve always found it difficult to do work at home as I get so easily distracted! My university also had a very limited amount of computers however I was lucky to discover that cardiff has many independent coffee shops where I ended up writing the majority of my dissertation.

Sadly I have been unwell this week and unable to leave my flat for almost a week! Now that I have finally recovered, the cabin fever is real and setting in! So I am in search of coffee down at my nearest coffee shop ( which happens to be a costa) which is in walking distance. I always find a short walk perks me up and helps me think a little bit more clearly!

Now I’m settling in the North of England I am looking forward to finding more independent coffee shops and new places to explore. If anybody has any suggestions please leave me a comment below!